1. Experimental setup
2. Materials and Data collection (为了总结方便,把Materials和Data collection的常用句式放到了一起做为第2点,但很多文章的方法材料部分应该首先写Materials)
3. Data analysis
4. Statistical testing
大家在看以下内容的时候,除了看句式以外,也可以着重注意一下所用的常用词汇,比如怎样描述一项实验被“进行/开展”了,下面的句式中至少用到了 “employed, performed, investigated, 和carried out”等。大家也可以看看在主动句式中用来描述开展一项实验常用的词汇有哪些。这样,就可以把不同的常用词汇添加到不同的常用句式中,这也就是自己“创造”的句子了,不仅合乎写作规范,又减少了写作中的重复率。
1. Experimental setup:
The materials used in this study include __
This experimental design was employed because __
In the course of the experiment, __ played an important role.
The experiments were performed with __
This was experimentally investigated by __
Most experiments have been carried out with __
The main focus of the experiments was to calculate __
Prior to each experiment __
The experiments are completely based on __
In our preliminary experiments we estimated that __
In this experiment, we introduced a __
Methods were based on previous experiments __
This proceeds in two stages: __
In this experiment, we introduced a __
We consider the setup generic, however, __
This was designed to acquire approximately __
These were designed in such a way that __
This experimental design was employed because __
This was specifically designed for __
This was designed to acquire approximately __
2. Materials and Data collection:
There were __ participants in this sample.
Participants first provided informed consent about __
We performed additional data collection with __
For this study, we analyzed the data collected from __
The data are less clear-cut than __
Data were collected and maintained by __
For this purpose, we employ survey data collected from __
The application employs data obtained from __
The analyzed data included: __
The procedures of handling the data followed the suggestions of __
Subsequently, __ were then used to elicit further data.
The experimental data on __ is very scarce.
The data in this work consists of __
Survey data were collected from __
This study used different data collection methods such as __
The quality can be enhanced by providing additional data for__
Such data are prone to __
We utilize secondary data from __
The data was divided into __
Participants in the first data collection were __
The sample was heterogeneous with respect to __
The sample size in this study was not considered large enough for__
We cannot deny the presence of some sample selection biases because __
The sample of respondents included __
The researchers pooled samples to __
The sample strategy was the same as for__
3. Data analysis:
However, there are trends in our data to suggest that __
The trend values were then subjected to __
We analyzed data as a function of __
We used an established technique, namely __, to analyses __
This showed a judgement error of __
To investigate this statistically, we calculated __
A __ test was used to determine the significance of data
Data were analyzed and correlated with __
The data are presented in Table __
We undertake the empirical analysis using data collected in __
The data is analyzed from different points of view such as __
Missing values were replaced using __
This analysis was confined to __
4. Statistical testing:
We explored these effects statistically by __
Statistical analyses was performed by using the __ applying a significance level of __
This was normally distributed throughout the study population.
Significant differences in the __ remained.
This was the only parameter that had a statistically significant correlation with __
We used __ statistics to report __
The correlation between __ and __ is positive and statistically significant at __
We calculate __ statistic to test the null hypothesis that __
In order to obtain statistically representative __ it is required to __
To investigate this statistically, we calculated __
Descriptive statistics were calculated for all variables used in the study using __
The significance testing was based on __
All statistical analyses were performed using __


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