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The laboratory of Dr. Jian Zhou at UT Southwestern Medical Center is recruiting multiple postdoctoral research fellows in the areas of genomics and data science. Our lab studies computational genomics by developing and applying machine learning and statistical methods for integrative analysis of large-scale genomic data (Lab website:zhoulab.io)

A central question that the lab focuses on is how the genome operates at the sequence-level. Even though a large amount of genome-scale data has been generated for diverse aspects of regulatory genome function over the past two decades, it does not automatically translate into a sequence-level understanding of regulation. To this end, we have pioneered deep learning sequence modeling techniques for genomic variant effect prediction, including chromatin (Zhou et al. 2015, Nature Methods) and gene expression (Zhou et al. 2018, Nature Genetics)effects, and analyzing noncoding mutation contribution to human disease (Zhou et al. 2019, Nature Genetics).  The lab aims to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of how genomic sequence directs chromatin organization and encodes regulatory programs, across multiple spatial and temporal scales. With such knowledge, we can further answer questions such as the genomic sequence-basis underlying cell type identity, the evolutionary constraints on gene regulations, and elucidating the role of regulatory genome variations in human diseases.  

Ideal candidates should have Ph.D. or equivalent degrees in Computer Science, Computational Biology, Statistics, Engineering or a related field at the expected start time and have a strong computational background. Previous research experience in deep learning, machine learning, or statistics is encouraged but not required. For strong candidates with either computational or biology background, extensive knowledge of the other field is not required. Interested applicant should submit your CV, a brief description of your previous work and your future research interests and arrange for a list of two or three references to be sent to jian.zhou@utsouthwestern.edu. 

Our laboratory is located in the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics on UT Southwestern’s South Campus. We will also work closely with other research groups in and outside of the campus. Our lab members also have access to considerable computational resources, including the >28,000-core cluster with >12 Petabyte of storage available through UT Southwestern’s high-performance infrastructure (BioHPC – https://portal.biohpc.swmed.edu). The candidate will have the opportunity to work on a broad range of computational and experimental aspects of computational biology on a highly interdisciplinary team, and participate in all aspects of method development, software implementation, data analysis, and experimental validation in collaboration with other groups.

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