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生信分析最容易接受的期刊Frontiers in Genetics及OncoTargets and Therapy

今天,介绍两个非常青睐生信数据挖掘的文章,这两个期刊(Frontiers in Genetics 和 OncoTargets and Therapy)我们已经观察了一年多,接收生信数据挖掘的热度从来都没有下降,各种各样的生信数据挖掘文章都有收录。

第一个期刊就是Frontiers in Genetics,影响因子:3.517,影响因子还是很高的,OA期刊,需要版面费,审稿周期一般1-2个月,不过也不排除意外;搞一个Cox应该就可以发到这里,当然还是看数据吃饭,不是随便塞一篇文章过来就可以。

生信分析最容易接受的期刊Frontiers in Genetics及OncoTargets and Therapy

Scope & Mission

Frontiers in Genetics publishes rigorouslypeer-reviewed research on genes and genomes relating to all the domains oflife, from humans to plants to livestock and other model organisms. Led by anoutstanding Editorial Board of the world’s leading experts, thismultidisciplinary, open-access journal is at the forefront of communicatingcutting-edge research to researchers, academics, clinicians, policy makers andthe public.

The study of inheritance and the impact ofthe genome on various biological processes is well documented. However, themajority of discoveries are still to come. A new era is seeing majordevelopments in the function and variability of the genome, the use of geneticand genomic tools and the analysis of the genetic basis of various biologicalphenomena.

Frontiers in Genetics covers the areas ofresearch in the specialty sections outlined below. All specialty sections areopen-access and publish original research, reviews, opinions and commentaries.This comprises the full spectrum of genetic and genomic inquiry, from the mostbasic to the most clinically applied, incorporating methodology, applications,and implications.

第二个期刊就是OncoTargets and Therapy,影响因子会低一点,IF:3.046,审稿周期一般都是1-2个月,当然也有很多意外,OA期刊,需要版面费。一般做个简单的GEO数据挖掘就可以了,meta分析也是照样接收的,有什么meta分析,数据挖掘的文章都可以往这个期刊砸,机会比较大,但是不是随便一篇就可以,还是要看数据展现出来的价值。

 OncoTargetsand Therapy is an international, peer-reviewedjournal focusing on molecular aspects of cancer research, that is, themolecular diagnosis of and targeted molecular or precision therapy for alltypes of cancer. Topics include: early stage clinical trials, detailed casereports dealing with molecular pathology, novel therapeutic regimens forimproved benefit and/or decreased side effects, description of novel therapeutictargets and innovative agents. This journal explores the evidence behind newand existing therapies to aid their informed acceptance by clinicians andtreatment adherence by patients.

Tissuemicroarray analyses will not be considered except in cases where they aresupported by comprehensive biological studies involving multiple cell lines.Likewise, biomarker association studies will only be considered when validatedby comprehensive in vitro data and analysis of human tissue samples. Studiescontaining in vivo animal model data will be considered favorably.

All meta-analyses must be submitted with a completed 27-point checklist to indicateadherence to the PRISMA guidelines for reporting systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


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