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Call for papers:Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage

Call for papers:Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage

Advances in Polymer Technology,2019年影响因子(JCR2018)为2.663,比去年涨: 0.59,年发文量400篇左右。

现在,Advanced Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage主题征稿,具体内容如下:


Call for papers:Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage

Call for papers:Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage

Advanced Polymers for Energy Conversion and Storage
Call for Papers
Polymers have triggered considerable research interest in the fields of energy storage and conversion. This is due to their wide range of properties, great design flexibility, easy processability, and low cost. Consequently, polymers play important roles in a vast variety of applications such as in alkali metal ion batteries, thermal interface materials, redox-flow batteries, and (photo)/electrocatalysis. Over the past decade, there has been tremendous progress in the design and synthesis of polymers with desirable molecular structures, allowing for quick and easy tailoring of their physicochemical, mechanical, thermal, and viscoelastic properties. This has led to significant advances in practical applications for polymer materials.


This special issue aims to collect original research and review articles covering the most recent advancements in the design and fabrication of polymeric materials for energy conversion and storage. Works on fabrication methods or theoretical calculations are also welcomed in this special issue.


Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Design and synthesis strategies for polymeric electrolytes/separators/binders/catalysts

  • Advanced manufacturing methods for polymer-based self-standing electrodes such as emulsion-assisted manufacturing and 3D printing

  • Thermal interface polymeric materials

  • Theoretical modeling or calculations for the design and synthesis of polymeric materials for use in energy conversion and storage

  • Energy conversion processes (catalysis and photocatalysis) utilizing polymeric materials

  • The use of polymeric materials in the field of solar fuels (hydrogen production, CO2 reduction, etc.)

  • Batteries from polymeric materials: alkali metal (Na/K/Ca/Mg/Al) ion batteries and redox-flow batteries


Authors can submit their manuscripts through the Manuscript Tracking System at https://mts.hindawi.com/submit/journals/apt/apecs/.


Submission Deadline  3 January 2020

Publication Date May 2020

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.


Lead Guest Editor

Bowei Zhang, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA

(email: boweizATiastate.edu,AT替换为@)

Guest Editors

Zhiyuan Qi, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Yiju Li, Peking University, Beijing, China

Xuewei Fu, Washington State University, Pullman, USA

Yanguang Zhou, University of California, Los Angeles, USA





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